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Piano Guild Publications, P.O. Box 9469 Austin, Texas 78766-9469

The following publications are available to members of The National Guild of Piano Teachers at minimal or no cost. Please check the item(s) desired and include $6.50 per order for handling and postage (check or money order, please).

The Guild Syllabus------------#___@ $5.50ea. $_____*(one copy of the current Guild Syllabus is included in the membership fee).

Guild Teachers Record Book----#___@ $7.00 ea. $_____
School Excuses----------------#___@ 0.15¢ ea. $_____(No charge for first 20.  Handling fee still applies.)

Program Approval Card for Diploma Candidates
# _____ @ no charge (see Guild Syllabus)
Letter to Parents ------------#___@ 0.40¢ ea. $_____
(No charge for first 20. Handling fee still applies.)
Placard to Post---------------#___@ no charge
History of Guild--------------#___@ no charge
Extra Student Enrollment Card for Auditions (note: each card holds up to 25 student names; 2 cards are in Guild Syllabus)
#___@ no charge

Replacement Student Pins (circle below): Year_______
# ____@ $6.50 ea. $ _____
Hobbyist, Pledge, Local, District, State, National, International,
Duet, Ensemble, Composer.  Please specify if jazz pin requested.

Piano Guild Notes
(specify vol. # & year)--#___@ $5.50 ea. $_____

Summer _____ Fall _____
Winter _____ Spring _____

Annual subscription _____  @$16.50 per year

Subtotal of Costs: $__________
Handling Charge:   $6.50
Grand Total:       $__________

(All shipments will be mailed immediately upon receipt of payment.)

City / State / Zip:__________________/__/_____
Email Address:____________________________

Guild Repertoire volumes are also available through local music dealers or by writing directly to Summy-Birchard Publications, P.O. Box 2072, Princeton, NJ 08540.  Masterfully edited by Leo Podolsky, June Davidson, and Ardella Schaub, each volume contains Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary literature in each Elementary, Intermediate, and Preparatory classification.  The Allison Contemporary Piano Collection is distributed by Hal Leonard Publishing, P.O. Box 13819, Milwaukee, WI 53213.  The Irl Allison Guild Library and Piano Compositions, USA are published by Willis Music Co., 7380 Industrial Road, Florence, KY 41042.  Musicianship In Action (by Eula Lindfors), formerly published by Belwin-Mills (Melville, NY 11747), is an excellent reference book for the preparation of IMMT and Musicianship Phases.  (Please remember that the IMMT and Phase requirements per level have changed since this book was published.  Teachers must follow the current Syllabus requirements.)