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Paderewski Application

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NGPT Paderewski Medal Application

Name of Applicant: __________________________
Address: ______________________________________
City/State/Zip: ________________________________

Name of Teacher: _____________________________
Address: _______________________________________
City/State/Zip: _________________________________
Email Address: ________________________________

Paderewski application for each student who is a candidate for the Paderewski Medal. The medals are not automatically granted, but are specially ordered for each candidate, since the name of the student is engraved on the back of the medal. Paderewski Medals are mailed directly to the teacher from the manufacturer. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Teachers should apply for the Paderewski Medal in the year in which a student becomes eligible. Please submit application as early as possible, but no later than September 1.

Mail to: Paderewski Committee, American College of Musicians, P.O. 9469, Austin, Texas 78766-9469.

Your eligibility depends on your having been a national or international winner (10-20) pieces for 10 years.

To prove your eligibility we must have the name of the teacher for each year the applicant has entered a national or international program, as well as copies of stubs for each of the ten years.

Year / No. C's / No. A's / Classification / No. of Pieces / Name of Teacher / City and State
1. __________________________________________
2. __________________________________________
3. __________________________________________
4. __________________________________________
5. __________________________________________
6. __________________________________________
7. __________________________________________
8. __________________________________________
9. __________________________________________
10. _________________________________________

Year Paderewski Medal Winner:______________________________