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Scholarship Application

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NGPT $200.00 Scholarship Application

Name of Applicant: ____________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: __________________________________________

Name of Present Teacher: _____________________________

Address: _______________________________________________
City/State/Zip: _________________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________

Candidates for the $200.00 Scholarship: Please complete this form and enclose with your ten inner report cards and stubs. (Send copies–do not send originals.)

Mail to:
Scholarship Committee
American College of Musicians
P.O. Box 9469
Austin, TX. 78766-9469

Application deadline: September 15.

Scholarship applications must be filed during the same year in which the student completes the requirements. Students have four years after high school graduation to complete their tenth national program. After being notified of approval, students have one year in which to make use of the scholarship.

Your eligibility depends on your having fulfilled the following requirements:
1. National winner for ten years, with grades totaling at least 140 more C's than A's
2. Paderewski Medal winner (application required)
3. Guild High School Diploma recipient (not High School Diploma in Social Music).  Although juniors are permitted to perform a "regular" High School Diploma, they cannot apply for a scholarship until they are in their senior year of high school.

Year / No. C's / No. A's / No. of Pieces / Name of Judge / Name of Teacher / City and State
1. _______________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________
4. _______________________________________________
5. _______________________________________________
6. _______________________________________________
7. _______________________________________________
8. _______________________________________________
9. _______________________________________________
10. ______________________________________________
Total: ___________________________________________

Year Paderewski Medal winner:________
Year Guild High School Diploma winner:________
Total Number of C's over A's:________

This scholarship is only applicable to students continuing their piano study after graduation from high school. Students have one year from date of completing eligibility in which to make use of this scholarship.