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Student Enrollment A

Student Enrollment Card

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Instructions for Teacher on Guild Audition Student Enrollment (Online Payment Form or Mailing Payment Form)
1. Use a typewriter, if possible, when completing this Student Enrollment Card. If one is not available, be sure to print names plainly since your students' certificates will be filled in from information on the reverse side of this card. Be extremely careful! Computer-generated lists are acceptable but must be attached to the Student Enrollment Card.

2. On the reverse side of this card, list name, number of years as the national winner, including this year, classification, number of pieces being entered, and dues of each student being enrolled. In listing classifications use: EA, EB, EC, ED, EE, or EF for Elementary; IA, IB, IC, ID, IE, and IF for Intermediate; PA, PB, PC, and PD for Preparatory; CA, CB, CC, and CD for Collegiate; and YA for Young Artist. To enroll in the Jazz classification, write a "J" before the classification and number of pieces. To enroll in the Hobbyist classification, write "H" before the classification and number of pieces. To enroll in the Duet classification, write a "D" before the classification and number of pieces. To enroll in the Ensemble classification, write an "E" before the classification. Highlight Duet and Ensemble programs in yellow. Use ES, IS, PS for "special" classifications. Underscore in red all diploma candidates. Underscore in blue all "Special Medal" programs (Bach, Sonatina, Sonata). (Certificate changes, when requested, $11.50 per student. All changes made by phone, fax, or email will be charged $28.00 per student.)

3. Collect all student dues and enclose the total student enrollment fees (plus $10.00 shipping & handling fee) in one money order or check. Mail the single check with this card to American College of Musicians, P.O. Box 9469, Austin, Texas 78766-9469, preferably by February 1. Enrollments received without checks, with unsigned checks, or with post-dated checks will not be scheduled until payment is received.

4. Student enrollment begins December 1. Those enrolling before February 1 may make requests for special times. Please make these requests very brief and enroll as early as possible to increase the likelihood of being assigned your requested dates.

Check Correct Box
( ) Teacher membership dues already paid
( ) Teacher membership dues herewith enclosed

Each type of Audition requires a separate enrollment card.  You must indicate the type of Audition below for this enrollment card:

[       ]  Online Platform(s) (circle choices(s) such as:  FaceTime, Skype, Zoom

[       ]  Video (pre-recorded) (YouTube is the only approved video platform)             

[       ]  In-person Auditions (if possible)

Please Indicate Below Your Choice of Time:
First choice:____________________________
Second choice:___________________________
Times to avoid:__________________________

The scheduling chairperson will endeavor to comply with the teachers' wishes whenever possible. Teachers will not be called by headquarters when their requested dates/times are not available.

Student Enrollment B

CAUTION: Please study this student enrollment form carefully. All information requested is of utmost importance. Write plainly and briefly.

NFSM Non-Refundable Dues: Pledge (EA-IB) $37.00 (IC-PD) $38.00 (CA-YA) $42.00; Local (EA-IB) $38.00 (IC-PD) $41.00 (CA-YA) $43.00; District (EA-IB) $39.00 (IC-PD) $43.00 (CA-YA) $44.00; State (EA-IB) $41.00 (IC-PD) $45.00 (CA-YA) $46.00; National (10 pieces): (EA-IB) $43.00 (IC-PD) $47.00 (CA-YA) $49.00; (11-12 pieces): (EA-IB) $44.00 (IC-PD) $48.00 (CA-YA) $50.00; (13-14 pieces): (EA-IB) $45.00 (IC-PD) $49.00 (CA-YA) $51.00; International (EA-IB) $47.00 (IC -PD) $50.00 (CA-YA) $52.00; Duet (1 Duet EA-IB) $33.00 (IC & above) $34.00; (2-3 Duets EA-IB) $35.00 (IC & above) $36.00; Ensemble (1 Ensemble EA-IB) $35.00 (1 Ensemble IC & above) $36.00; Hobbyist (1-4 pcs. EA-IF) $35.00 (PA-CD) $40.00; (5-8 pcs. EA-IF) $40.0 (PA-CD) $45.00; Social Music Test $35.00; High School Diplomas $67.00; High School Diplomas in Social Music $57.00; Collegiate & Young Artist Diplomas $77.00; Early Bach $42.00, Advanced Bach $47.00, Sonatina $42.00, Sonata programs $47.00 plus $25.00 upon plaque application; Founder Plaque $25.00; Teacher Conference $25.00.  Add a $15.00 shipping & handling fee for each enrollment card.

20__ National Piano Playing Auditions
Student Enrollment Card

Names in Alphabetical Order:
(Highlight Duet and Ensemble programs in "Yellow" and list performers together)


+ shipping & handling fee $15.00

Total fees: __________________

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